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HGH Side Effects - Side Effects of HGH

HGH side effects are a concern for anyone looking at hormone therapy to slow down or reverse the aging process. The side effects of HGH use can be scary and researchers are still working on the optimal dosage to reduce adverse reactions and enhance results. As with any drug each person must weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and decide if the end justifies the means.

HGH side effects range from the minor joint pain and some fluid retention to the more serious high blood pressure and abnormal bone and cartilage growth. Most medicinal use of HGH focuses on short-term correction of a hormonal imbalance. General growth hormone side effects from this type of use tend to be fluid retention, joint pain, a reversible insulin resistance, and some joint swelling.

HGH for anti-aging or "plastic surgery in a bottle" use leads to more long-term complications such as high blood pressure, more serious fluid retention, chronic joint pain and swelling, and some facial bone growth. Long-term abuse, as seen in athletic use, can lead to more pronounced, and sometimes deadly, side effects such as irregular heart rhythms, increased risk of diabetes, joint and facial deformities, and a shut down of the pituitary glands.

HGH side effects can be reduced by limiting the length of time the hormone is used. Lowering the dosage of human growth hormone can also reduce the number and severity of these reactions. Human growth hormone is a drug. The introduction of any foreign substance, even if your body produces some naturally, will trigger reactions by the body. These reactions cause the effects that we see with any drug. HGH side effects also come from the extra growth hormone in the body along with what is already produced by the pituitary glands.

Some of the more serious side effects of HGH come from the abuse of the hormone. This abuse can come in the form of taking too much of the substance or taking it for too long. Milder versions of these problems can occur from the abuse of supplemental forms of HGH sold over-the-counter.

Your body needs time to return to a normal state of function. If you take more than the suggested dosage for a long period of time you will see complications arise from this abuse. You liver has to work harder to process this externally introduced HGH running through your blood. This could lead to liver stress, and ultimately liver damage. Your body may recognize a higher level of HGH in the bloodstream and stop producing as much for itself. If this goes on long enough the pituitary glands begin to shut down.

HGH side effects can come from any HGH use. Minimizing the side effects by lower the dosage and the length of time on the growth hormone can be helpful. Each person must weigh the benefits against the possibilities and decide if this course will help them reach their anti aging goals.
HGH Side Effects - Side Effects of HGH